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Amazon PPC Client Case Study

amazon ppc case study Mar 10, 2020

One of the biggest changes on the Amazon platform over the years (and there's been a lot) has been around Amazon PPC. Gone are the days where sellers can put on an auto campaign and watch the low-cost sales roll in the door. The landscape is a lot different now, in fact, it can often be difficult to make a profitable sale at all! As the times change, successful sellers need to stay current on cutting-edge strategy, and Amazon sponsored ads are no exception to this rule. 

Our advertising PPC experts at Nectar is constantly testing and analyzing different types of Amazon PPC strategy, and we have been fortunate to help our customers continue to see success in the area of Amazon PPC optimization. Below is an example of a recent client who was having some success with their Amazon sponsored product ads, but Nectar was able to get under the hood and find key areas of optimization that were being overlooked. 

Nectar began working with this client in the middle of January 2020....

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