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AA+, which sells a variety of natural wax candles under the Hyoola brand, had an Amazon store which had inconsistent branding and a poor UI/UX design.  As a result, it was difficult for shoppers to locate products and make quicker purchase decisions.

This resulted in loss of sales and inability to grow the Amazon store.


Poor UI/UX
Deficient Shopper
Inability to


Nectar’s design team created a brand guide with updated fonts, colors, and textures for graphics to redesign the site and to add brand consistency for the store. One important part of this step was to make all fonts and graphics readable with a good and modern design in multiple viewing platforms. This brand and design step improved the visual appeal and modernized the store.

After making the site brand consistent, the design and client success management teams restructured the navigation menus and the customer journey to help shoppers quickly locate products, which resulted in increased conversions.

Next, our teams added product modules along with the best selling products to the various panels and graphics throughout the store. Shoppers could view more products with a wider variety of product options, reducing the purchase decision time and increasing sales.

Lastly, the advertising team created and strategically pushed Amazon sponsored brand headline search ads that sent traffic to the home and top selling collection pages. Through these ads, the advertising team increased traffic to the store and put the store redesign to the test.



The results were amazing. The store redesign boosted monthly sales 250% by over $50,000 within the first month, and added close to $300,000 of additional revenue within 6 months.

The sponsored brand ads increased traffic 14,085% within the first month, which resulted in 81,557% increase in sales by over $34,000.

Conversion rate for advertising increased 31% in the first month, and an average of 21% over the 3 months after the store relaunch.

The increase in traffic and exposure increased sales and the conversion rate, which validated our work and strategy. Aligning the advertising strategy to increase traffic to the store coupled with the redesign made the additional revenue possible.

If your Amazon store is outdated or not optimized for conversions, you are almost certainly losing out on meaningful revenue.

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