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Bric’s, a luxury luggage brand, had an outdated Amazon store with confusing branding, broken links, and poor marketing throughout the site..

These issues prevented shoppers from making quick buying decisions and purchasing the products, which resulted in a very low conversion rate that led to a loss of thousands of dollars in sales. Also, the lack of branding and outdated designs diminished the brand’s credibility.


Broken Links


Nectar's graphic design team first tackled the user navigation and broken links issue.

The team then created a sitemap from which they recreated site menus.

Once the site menus were established, the team performed in-depth competitor and market research to improve Bric's UI/UX.

Nectar started with the homepage to establish the look and feel that the client wanted and applied that to the rest of the site.

Thereafter, the Nectar team finalized the brand design and applied a modern design with strong color palette, texture, branded headers, typefaces, a clean typeface hierarchy, and updated product images.

After establishing the branding and UI/UX, the team added the grids (panels) for the best sellers and product listings to the homepage and other collection pages to drive more conversions and revenue.

This change helped shoppers quickly locate top selling products and shorten the buying decision time.

Also, the team removed any discontinued items along with unnecessary information from the store.



Within two months of redesigning the Amazon store, the monthly sales from organic traffic increased 44% with a conversion rate (CVR) increase of 33%.

The homepage increased 22% in monthly sales with a 55% increase in CVR.

The top two collection pages saw a 103% increase in monthly sales with a 100% increase in CVR.

An outdated website with poor UI/UX, broken links, unaligned site menus with product categories, and bad product marketing (showing discontinued products and no top sellers) will prevent any brand from maximizing the revenue potential on its Amazon brand store, which can be significant.

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