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PacTool, a leader in specialty hand tools and precision instruments, was struggling to increase traffic to their Amazon store and product listings without spending more on advertising, and sales growth was stagnant.

Prior to working with Nectar, PacTool managed their account in-house, and they needed a lot more resources to take their brand to the next level.


Low Traffic
Deficient SEO
Inability to


Nectar’s account management, graphic design, and advertising teams coordinated the revisions for the Amazon product listings and planned a subsequent advertising push.

Nectar’s first step was to perform keyword research and test those keywords through advertising at a limited scale. Nectar then took those learnings to optimize the titles, descriptions, and A+ content.

Based on the A/B test results coupled with more competitive and market research, the design team created and added conversion boosting product images and A+ content.

After the listing revisions, monthly sales jumped 55% with a 33% reduction in TACoS within the first month. That was only from the first phase of the growth project.

For the second phase, the advertising team tested the various keywords that were added to the product listings in ad campaigns at much more aggressive spend levels than the original test.

The team optimized bids daily, and the ad budgets were incrementally increased.



Within the first month of advertising, sales doubled with a 42% improvement in TACoS, and a 41% boost to the conversion rate.

Also, the monthly sales for one product went from mid-5 figures to 6 figures. Another product increased from 4 figures to 5 figures.

The concerted effort to build upon each step of the process allowed the Nectar teams to double product sales.

By better coordinating your content with your advertising strategy, these kinds of spectacular results are possible for most established brands.

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