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WeVeel, a children’s writing utensil, stationery, and novelty items company, was not able to reach a wider shopping audience which resulted in a plateau with sales.

Even advertising didn’t improve sales meaningfully; rather, it further increased the total advertising cost of spend (TACoS), eating away at their margins.


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Nectar’s Amazon advertising team used an organic keyword ranking strategy to increase traffic to the listings, grow organic ranking,  and ultimately grow sales.

The first step of the process was to identify relevant, high-search volume keywords that would help improve organic rank, and further test for relevancy with advertising on a limited scale.

Then, the relevant, high performing terms were added to the product title, description, and A+ content.

Once the keywords were added to the listings, Nectar launched a full scale advertising strategy through sponsored product ads with manual targeting plus top-of-search campaigns and low-bid sweep campaigns.

Nectar monitored bids and spend daily to ensure there was sufficient budget with optimal performance, including maintaining low TACoS.



Monthly sales improved 214% the 1st month and 61% the 2nd month.

The conversion rate increased 81% in one month to 12.5%.

TACoS decreased 73% over the testing period to 8.21%.

The positive results came from the increase in organic rank and sales.

The organic keyword ranking strategy requires excellent coordination and communication between the account management, advertising, and copywriting teams.

When applied with precision and great coordination, this strategy has the potential to significantly increase both organic and advertising sales, which keeps down the cost of advertising.

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