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Young's Inc, a company that designs and creates giftware, home decor, and fashion accessories, was not maximizing keyword usage and SEO in their Amazon product listings.

As a result, the products’ visibility was reduced in the search engine results pages for a wide array of shoppers, which prevented sales from growing.


Deficient SEO
Low Organic
Poor Search
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Nectar’s account management and copywriting teams researched and added relevant, high search volume keywords to the product listings, which increased traffic to the products and also increased organic sales.

First, the copy team performed comprehensive competitor and SEO research to be able to craft an informative product listing that would be SEO rich based on how customers had been finding similar products and where those products are ranking well organically.

From the research, Nectar’s copywriting team added high volume and trending keywords into the title, description, bullet points, and A+ content.

After those keywords were added to the product listings, the account management team monitored the traffic to the products.

They updated the placement and order of keywords within the product listings based on the traffic and conversions reports.



Within one month of adding those keywords, monthly sales doubled for those products, with total cost of sales (TACoS) dropping an average of 25% monthly.

One of Young’s top-selling products grew by over 600% month over month and 1,800% over two months.

It is critical to periodically research and add high volume and trending keywords to product listings in order to maximize each product’s visibility in search.

Even matured products can benefit from these SEO and keyword projects.

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