Case Study on Photography

New Product Photography Leads to 15 - 20% Increase in Conversion Rate for a Candle Brand


Prior to Nectar shooting real-life product photos, photoshop was used with old product photos.

Those images were outdated and of low-quality. Products were also out-of-scale.

The images didn’t fully portray the beauty of the candles, and impacted the conversion rate and sales.


  • The candles were photoshopped as small decorations.
  • In mobile view, candles were hard to see.
  • Flames and smoke were unrealistic in size, which made it very unnatural.
  • Colors and textures were faded due to using old product photos and photoshop.


  • Candles weren’t the main focus, the background was too cluttered, and there were too many focal points.
  • Candles were discolored and yellow with a badly photoshopped shadow and flat look.

Photography improvements increased the conversion rate 6-7% on average, some as high as 15-20%.


Nectar’s photographer shot new product photos with great lighting and high-resolution.

The new images are now true-to-life, visually describe the products, and make them more marketable.

Pro-photography absolutely made the products shine and stand out.


  • Real life images add depth and realism to the products.
  • Candles are now the focus of the image.
  • Candles stand out in both desktop and mobile views.
  • Colors and textures are true-to-life from using real life photos instead of photoshop.


  • Simple background with natural wood tones to compliment rather than compete with the candles.  Emphasis is solely on the candles.
  • Studio lighting shows the candle color more accurately as well as provide realistic highlights and shadows.

Having kept old, photoshopped images would have hurt sales in the long run.

Cost of photography is minimal when you think about the return you receive from a new photoshoot.

The increase in the conversion rate and sales add back the return-on-investment (ROI) for perpetuity.

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