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We partner with brands to maximize their Amazon sales, profitably.


Nectar was founded by Dan, Jason, and Josh who, along with their newest partner Scott, are 7-figure Amazon sellers. About two years ago, Nectar’s suppliers started reaching out asking for help selling on Amazon. Dan, Jason, and Josh realized there was significant demand from established brand owners and manufacturers for consulting help, so they started Nectar.

Today, Nectar has over 15 fully managed clients with thousands of SKUs under management. In just the past year and a half, Nectar has grown from a three-man operation to a team of over 10 employees.  In addition, we are the only Amazon consulting company with proprietary product launch software.

Because Nectar understands the struggles, concerns, and problems of manufacturing and distribution in addition to Nectar’s Amazon expertise, Nectar possesses a unique and unmatched ability to help its clients rapidly scale their brands on Amazon.

In 2020, Nectar has expanded its operations to individual services such as PPC management, listing optimization, A+ content creation, coaching and training, and more to serve brands of all different levels and at all different places in their Amazon journey.


Meet the Partners:


Daniel Katona

Dan has helped our company grow from successful Amazon sellers to a full-service agency that helps other businesses and private label sellers succeed on Amazon. Dan was formally a licensed attorney working with many Fortune 500 companies while employed at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.



Josh Katona

Josh founded his first private label business in 2013 and merged his passion for technology and automation with his brother Dan’s knowledge of business to lay the groundwork for multiple 7-figure Amazon businesses. Josh has created proprietary software that Nectar uses to leverage data and efficiency to help grow Amazon businesses at record pace.



Jason Landro

Jason is an attorney by trade and left big law to join Dan, Jason’s friend from law school, and Josh to scale one Amazon business and start another business. Jason has help multiple business scale from under $10,000 in sales a month on Amazon to over $100,000 a month. Jason primarily focuses on all things having to do with Amazon as well as Nectar’s operations and marketing. 



Scott Kalan

Scott has over 25 years of experience in sales and manufacturing. Scott left his family business, Kalan LP, in early 2019 to join Nectar. Scott has been instrumental in growing Nectar from a couple employees with a couple clients to over 10 employees with over 15 clients in just under a year.


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