What Are the Advantages to Amazon’s A+ Content and How to Get Started

  • Defining A+ Content 
  • Benefits of A+ Content 
  • How To Get Started 

A+ Content is a can’t-miss listing feature. If you want your listings to stand out, connect better with consumers, and convert more often, then your products need A+ Content. Not only does A+ Content offer your detail pages a more professional look, but it comes with a variety of benefits all geared towards helping you push sales.

We’ve been curating quality A+ Content for a variety of sellers, and the amount of strategic benefits we’ve discovered are numerous. Below you can learn more about this exclusive feature, how to set it up, and its potential benefits to your revenue.

What Is A+ Content?

A+ Content allows you to add enhanced content to your listing pages. A+ Content gives you an additional area to further describe your product with more personalization options. This allows you to better illustrate your branding and highlight the value of your product. 

With this customizable content tool, you can describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. Your A+ Content can include infographics, comparison charts, high def videos, and FAQs. 

Ultimately, it presents one last opportunity to trigger purchase decisions. You can let your design team get to work on truly stunning and eye-catching content that’ll keep consumers engaged before they scroll down to alternative offerings. Refusing to take advantage of this feature simply means letting profits slip away. 

The more personalized side of A+ Content can be overwhelming. Not everyone is equipped to design and produce their own product page content from scratch. When done effectively though, the additional strategic opportunities your listing can benefit from are numerous.

 A+ Benefits

1. Increased Conversions

The easiest no-brainer benefit is the boost to sales. Amazon totes that listings paired with A+ Content experience up to a 10% increase in average sales. The more detailed and personalized product descriptions make for great purchase fuel. Consumers can quickly evaluate the value of your offerings without having to scroll up and down your listing page. With clear insights and value highlights you can decrease checkout times tremendously. 

2. Brand Recognition

Don’t neglect the opportunity to promote your brand when curating your A+ Content. When you’re benefiting from that 10% increase in sales, you’re going to want shoppers to remember which brand they trusted with their purchase. A+ Content allows for a plethora of personalization options. This means that while you’re highlighting the value of your product, you need to be highlighting the value of purchasing a product from your brand. Not only will your listings look more professional and trustworthy, but this will help you stand out from the competition especially if they’ve neglected to invest in A+ Content themselves.

3. Organic

A more hidden benefit, though probably the one of highest value, is how A+ Content can increase your organic traffic through Google SEO. Google indexes text in A+ Content, so properly tailoring your copy in A+ Content can boost the listings rank in relevant Google search results. This curates brand recognition even beyond Amazon and will help you extend your consumer reach even further.

A+ Content Set Up

A+ Content is an exclusive feature to professional sellers. Simply enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to establish your business as a professional vendor and enjoy access to Brand Stores and a slew of other exclusive content features. Once registered, you can build your A+ Content from Seller Central in the A+ Content Manager. Once there, simply choose the product you’d like to boost and get to crafting eye-catching content.

Take Advantage of Expert Design Practice

Now that you’re ready to get started, it’s time to start thinking about strategy. You’ve no doubt got a list of top-selling products ready to go looking to get boosted with stellar content. Will you simply work out a template for your A+ Content that can be applied throughout your entire catalog? Or will you consider taking each listing individually to ensure every A+ Content created serves a more precise purpose? 

As always, it’ll be important to be strategic with your design. A+ Content provides a multitude benefits for your listings but it can also serve a multitude of strategic purposes. A design that may work for one listing may not be applicable to another. You don’t want to waste time, and you don’t want to leave money on the table due to lackluster efforts. You’re going to want your specialists to dissect and evaluate each listing, from branding to product value, to really determine which of Amazon’s best practices to approach your designs with. Pairing your brand strategist with an Amazon design expert will be an investment you’ll want to make early on to approach this challenge properly. 

At Nectar, we recognize the growing importance of establishing Amazon success, and we’ve experienced firsthand what it takes to get there. Our strategies and methodologies have already been worked out to maximize profits and increase growth no matter what stage your Amazon brand is at.

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