What Is Amazon Brand Registry And What Are The Benefits

How well do you believe your brand presence is protected? When it comes to investing in brand awareness, there’s nothing worse than letting someone else benefit off your hard work. The flood of competition comes in many forms. You don’t just have to keep your eye on the alternative offerings of similar products. You also have to watch out for knock off products and cheaper brands trying to profit off your brand recognition. This is only one of many reasons why Brand Registry is vital to your end-goal success.

Brand Registry is a tool to help vendors establish themselves as professional sellers on Amazon. The tool is made to protect trustworthy and professional businesses from knockoff products and brands trying to scam your consumers. It also gives you access to special features from advertising to content to analytics that aren’t available to unregistered brands that don’t have Brand Registry. Brand Registry means the early investments you put into your brand recognition early on don’t go to waste. Not protecting your brand image or your consumers from untrustworthy knockoffs can cause long term damage to your online reputation. So how exactly does Brand Registry pay off? And how does one acquire it? We’ve got you covered.

What Is Brand Registry

Amazon’s Brand Registry program was introduced to give brand owners more control over their content and intellectual property. It allows you to stake your claim on your brand, giving you more ownership and more power to protect your brand on Amazon. There’s a dedicated Brand registry team on Amazon that works with brand owners to assist them with claims, trademark infringements, and other instructions on their content. 

Amazon also uses Brand Registry to establish their certified vendor list. As a professional Amazon brand you’re granted access to exclusive content tools and features that are vital to taking your Amazon business to the next level. Without these tools you have less personalization and control over your branding content. You also lose out on deeper data points that provide insights on how your brand is connecting with consumers. All these benefits can be the make or break difference for a lasting brand presence or a short lived Amazon business.

1. Brand Protection

As Brand Registry has grown over the years owners have been provided more power to protect their image. Now through Brand Registry you can protect your brand, listing content, and marketing. This means you can report on violators trying to take advantage of your product content, advertising materials, and more. It even allows you to dispute manipulative reviews that you feel are disingenuous or fraudulent. 

The tool simply allows you to monitor your brand without letting violators ruin your name. The tool provides authenticity programs to help ensure all content being placed out there in association with your business is genuine.This is necessary to not only protect your business but your consumers from falling victim to knockoff and fraudulent listings claiming to be associated with your products. As a registered Brand Owner, you get notified of all proposed changes to your content, listing, images, or even copy. This provides you with the final say on anything they may affect your branding and keeps you informed of possible violations.

2. Branded Content

Beyond brand protection, Brand Registry also provides you to exclusive content tools and features that only professional sellers have access to. These tools are some of the most vital when available when it comes to brand growth on Amazon. Enrolled brands are given access to curating A+ Content for their listings, an Amazon Brand Store for their business, and have access to Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display PPC campaigns. If you’re unsure what those features are or the advantages they provide, then feel free to read up on it here.

3. Brand to Consumer Data

Brand Registered sellers even get exclusive use of Amazon Brand Analytics.Brand Analytics provides deeper insights into how your brand is interacting with consumers to help you make more strategic business decisions. The list of reports you’re provided includes Amazon Search Terms, Demographics, Item Comparisons, Alternate Purchases, Market Baskets, and Repeat Purchase Behaviors. Brand Registry also provides a host of other data point tools such as split testing, customer engagement reporting, and a brand dashboard.

Without registering for brand registration you’re risking losing out on a lot of your brand investments. In fact, Brand Registry is something you’re going to want to get set up for almost immediately or else you may end up limiting your business endeavors on Amazon moving forward. 

What Is Brand Registry

To get started with Brand Registry you need to first be aware of some eligibility requirements. 

  1. You need an active and registered trademark on your product or packaging.
  2. Your trademark must include text and not only be a graphic.
  3. The ability to identify yourself as the trademark owner. 

Once you meet the requirements you can sign up through Amazon’s brand services or seller central. You’re going to need to provide assets such as your brand logo, branded products or packaging, product categories, and origin of product manufacturing or distribution. 

This can be a lot to stay on top of, especially businesses that invest heavily into their brands. But not monitoring your brand 24/7 can let some things slip through the cracks and ultimately cost you growth or profits in the long run. If you’re looking for an account manager ready to take on this challenge for your business and maximize all of your Amazon brand specific initiatives, then head over to our full-management services to see what we can do for you. 

Or, if you’re ready to meet and discuss your Amazon end-goals with a team of experts, fill out a request form and we’ll get in touch with you.