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SME Interview: VP of Operations Jackie Pomposelli

Efficiency in operations is the bedrock of a successful marketing agency. As agencies expand, the challenge lies not just in growing the client list but in scaling operations effectively. This blog delves into the journey of a marketing agency striving to perfect its internal operations, highlighting key strategies and insights beneficial for any marketing organization.

Streamlining Processes for Scalability

The first step in operational improvement is a thorough analysis of current processes. Agencies must identify repeatable actions within their team's diverse methods to establish standardized procedures. This approach not only ensures consistency but also lays the groundwork for scalable operations. For example, an agency might dedicate several weeks to understanding different team practices to create a unified and adaptable process.

Leveraging Tools for Efficiency

Integrating the right technological tools is crucial for operational success. Advanced project management platforms like can simplify complex processes into manageable, automated tasks. This transition significantly reduces the administrative load on teams, allowing them to concentrate on client growth and service delivery.

Embracing Continuous Process Evolution

Operations in a growing agency are never static. Contrary to the “set it and forget it” belief, operational processes require ongoing evaluation and refinement. Regular feedback and adjustments ensure that these processes remain relevant and effective, fostering an agile and responsive operational environment.

Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in agency operations. Operational teams need to engage closely with other departments to advocate for efficiency and ensure that processes align with overall business objectives. This collaborative approach guarantees smoother workflows and maximizes productivity across the organization.

Navigating Change Management

Change is an integral part of operational development, but it often faces resistance. Introducing new processes or systems necessitates clear communication about the reasons and benefits of these changes. Effective change management involves setting transparent expectations and fostering an environment where adaptation is embraced.

The Critical Role of Documentation

Documenting processes is vital for clarity and continuity in operations. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are more than just guidelines; they are the blueprint for task execution, ensuring consistency and efficiency, especially during staff transitions. Well-documented SOPs are a crucial asset for maintaining operational integrity.

Benchmarking and Setting KPIs

Benchmarking and key performance indicators (KPIs) are indispensable tools in operational management. They help in setting realistic goals and measuring the effectiveness of operational changes. For instance, analyzing the time taken for onboarding new partners and setting targets for improvement can guide agencies toward operational efficiency.

Balancing Standardization and Creativity

A delicate balance between standardization and creativity is essential in agency operations. While certain aspects should be standardized for efficiency, it’s crucial to allow employees the freedom to nurture their creativity, especially in client interactions. This balance ensures that agencies can offer bespoke services while maintaining operational efficiency.

Anticipating and Preparing for Growth

Preparing for growth involves more than just acquiring new clients. It requires a proactive approach to operational management, anticipating potential challenges, and implementing solutions before they become obstacles. This forward-thinking mindset is key to sustaining growth without compromising service quality.


Operational excellence in marketing agencies is a continuous journey of improvement and adaptation. By embracing technological advancements, fostering collaboration, and maintaining a balance between standardization and creativity, agencies can achieve streamlined operations that support sustainable growth and client satisfaction. As the marketing landscape evolves, so must the operational strategies that underpin an agency's success.

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