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3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Sponsored Ads Performance Without Touching Your Ad Campaigns

increasing conversions Apr 20, 2020

If you search Google, Facebook Groups, or YouTube for “how to improve your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns,” you are sure to find lots of content about how to make this change or that change to your campaigns to improve them. 

For instance, someone might tell you to allocate your budget between your auto campaigns and manual campaigns based on a ratio. Someone else might tell you how to properly structure your PAT (product attribute targeting) campaigns. And you’re bound to find conflicting advice. 

What you don’t hear a lot of people talk about when it comes to sponsored ad optimization is conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO has very little to do with the levers you can pull in the ads manager. Rather, it has to do with ensuring you are converting the traffic that lands on your listing, including traffic from sponsored ads campaigns, at the highest possible percentage. 

Here are three simple hacks and how to test them:

1) Optimize your main...

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How Nectar 6x’ed a Client’s Amazon Sales in 5 Months

In August 2019, Nectar began fully managing the Amazon sales for a company who had done $27,361 in sales in July 2019—their best month ever and last full month on the client’s own selling on Amazon after selling on Amazon for almost 2-and-a-half years. In light of the client’s “success” in its last month on its own in July 2019, the client was skeptical that Nectar could significantly increase the client’s sales.

However, the client’s Amazon account was in bad shape. The client had no keyword optimization, only one photograph on each listing, no infographics, no A+ Content, and so much more. The client didn’t have the expertise, resources, or manpower to do the work—a familiar theme for many of our clients.

Within 45 days, Nectar performed in-depth Amazon SEO keyword research, rebuilt all the listings (over a few hundred), created stunning A+ Content for all those listings, implemented a PPC strategy, and so much more. The...

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Amazon Listing Optimization (Part 1): Research

In this three-part blog series, we are going to take a deep dive into Amazon listing building and optimization. A lot of people talk about the importance of listing optimization, but hardly anyone talks about the process. Like anything, you need to have a process for building your listings, from the research through implementation.

We are giving you a peek under the hood for how we build listings for our own seven-figure Amazon business as well as our clients’ Amazon businesses. These techniques have helped us scale from $0 in monthly sales to over $100,000 in monthly Amazon sales on our own accounts and our clients’ accounts.

We take a three-step approach to creating product listings. The first is research; the second is building, and the third is quality assurance. I’ll be addressing each step in a separate article.

Part 1: Research, Research, Research

There are three phases of research: (1) target audience; (2) competitors; (3) SEO.

Research Phase 1

In the first...

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Amazon PPC Client Case Study

amazon ppc case study Mar 10, 2020

One of the biggest changes on the Amazon platform over the years (and there's been a lot) has been around Amazon PPC. Gone are the days where sellers can put on an auto campaign and watch the low-cost sales roll in the door. The landscape is a lot different now, in fact, it can often be difficult to make a profitable sale at all! As the times change, successful sellers need to stay current on cutting-edge strategy, and Amazon sponsored ads are no exception to this rule. 

Our advertising PPC experts at Nectar is constantly testing and analyzing different types of Amazon PPC strategy, and we have been fortunate to help our customers continue to see success in the area of Amazon PPC optimization. Below is an example of a recent client who was having some success with their Amazon sponsored product ads, but Nectar was able to get under the hood and find key areas of optimization that were being overlooked. 

Nectar began working with this client in the middle of January 2020....

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