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How Nectar 6x’ed a Client’s Amazon Sales in 5 Months

In August 2019, Nectar began fully managing the Amazon sales for a company who had done $27,361 in sales in July 2019—their best month ever and last full month on the client’s own selling on Amazon after selling on Amazon for almost 2-and-a-half years. In light of the client’s “success” in its last month on its own in July 2019, the client was skeptical that Nectar could significantly increase the client’s sales.

However, the client’s Amazon account was in bad shape. The client had no keyword optimization, only one photograph on each listing, no infographics, no A+ Content, and so much more. The client didn’t have the expertise, resources, or manpower to do the work—a familiar theme for many of our clients.

Within 45 days, Nectar performed in-depth Amazon SEO keyword research, rebuilt all the listings (over a few hundred), created stunning A+ Content for all those listings, implemented a PPC strategy, and so much more. The...

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