What Is an Amazon Brand Store and How to Get One

  • Defining Brand Stores
  • Benefits of Brand Store
  • How To Get One

Amazon Brand Stores are quickly becoming a don’t miss feature for growing sellers on Amazon. If your Amazon platform goals include scaling and long-term brand recognition, it may be the most vital feature Amazon offers.

We’ve been curating top quality brand stores for a variety of sellers and the amount of strategic benefits we’ve discovered are numerous. Below you can learn more about this exclusive feature, how to set it up, and its potential benefits to your revenue.

What Is a Brand Store

A brand store allows you to create an immersive multi-page shopping destination for your customers. These pages become your digital storefront on Amazon, allowing you to display and sell your entire catalog directly to browsing shoppers. Through a series of templates and listing features, you can fully customize your store front to your liking. You can prioritize catalog navigability, illustrating your brand, and feature top sellers or other products or product lines. 

Brand stores come with a variety of listing features to help you show off your products and encourage purchases such as product grids, shoppable images, video tiles, and many more. Each template allows you to place and customize different tiles where you can include images, products, headers, videos, and more. 

You have full control over the design, allowing you to be as simple or granular as you’d like. Ultimately, it comes down to how you evaluate your catalog and which strategies best navigate it. There are a multitude of ways to display the content of your Brand Store and each option is another opportunity for profits when done right. 

Brand Store Benefits

1. Cross-Selling

One of the greatest strengths of brand stores is the ability to cross sell items in your catalog. The customizable options allow you to display your offerings as cohesive units, bundling your top sellers with products that compliment them best or even up-selling with more premium products. The most powerful way to increase your average sales per order on Amazon is taking advantage of additional product suggestions through your design. 

 2. Brand Recognition

A pleased customer is often a repeat customer. Your brand store offers consumers an easy way to return to your catalog and helps you capitalize on any branded searches. Generating this additional brand recognition will boost the value of running branded search campaigns as well. Without the convenience of a brand store, you could miss out on these repeat business opportunities as well as any retargeting efforts you may pursue later on.

3. Increased RoAS

If you’re invested in paid advertising, a Brand Store is a vital tool to your budget. Amazon reported that advertising efforts linked to a Brand Store helped boost return on ad spend by as much as 22%. Driving your marketing to your Brand Store will also help you gain more valuable insights as they provide a whole new set of metrics to follow. You can capture data on how consumers browse your store, seeing which products garner the most attention, trigger the most conversions, and vice versa. It provides a more holistic data set showing how shoppers view your products when your entire catalog is on display. 

Brand Store Set Up

Amazon Stores are an exclusive feature to professional sellers. Simply enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to establish your business as a professional vendor and enjoy access to Brand Stores and a slew of other exclusive content features.Once registered, you can build your store with Amazon’s self-service Store builder on your advertising console.

Take Advantage of Expert Design Practice

Once you’re ready to build out your Brand Store, it’ll be important to be strategic with your design. If you’re not sure of how to implement Amazon’s best practices into your catalog, you may be leaving money on the table. Pairing your brand strategist with a design expert is the right investment to make when trying to maximize profitability of your Brand Store.

At Nectar, we recognize the growing importance of establishing Amazon success, and we’ve experienced firsthand what it takes to get there. Our strategies and methodologies have already been worked out to maximize profits and increase growth no matter what stage your Amazon brand is at. 

Ready to find out more about how Nectar can increase your Amazon profits? Just take a minute to fill out our request form. We look forward to connecting! And for more on Brand Store insights, be sure to check out our follow up post on The Four Growth Strategies Every Amazon Brand Store Needs to Take Advantage Of .